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Nonwoven agrotextiles

With the largest dose of concentrated UV stabilizer, our nonwoven agrotextiles stand out as the most durable out of all nonwoven fabrics available on the European market.

Nonwoven mulching agrotextile:

- reduces weed growth
- is permeable to water and liquid fertilisers
- increases soil temperature

- strengthens root system and speeds up vegetation,

- slows down soil drying by decreasing evaporation,
- contributes to keeping the soil pure and in good phytosanitary condition.

241 Compost and biogas containers

222 Industrial

Our tarpaulins are used in the broadly understood industry. Depending on your needs we offer a wide variety of materials which can be used for example as industrial gate fillers or hall tents. In addition, we offer antistatic materials (with the addition of antistatic substances). Surface properties of antistatic materials are changed in such a way as to prevent its static.

Nonwoven agrotextiles 

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